Friday, 4 November 2011

List of Art-Trail Artists and Artisans

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PETER SESSELMANN Paints with Vibrant colour and style.
 SETSUKO OGISHI One of the few women glassblowers in Australia.
 CAROLYN MIDDLETON Works in oil and acrylic,watercolour and charcoal.
 PETER McNEILL Peter has been a professional photographer for 20 years.
SALLY MATTHEWS mainly miniature paintings and small hand carved timber works.
 SUE LINTON I bring your photos to life in portraits that will touch your heart! I also have original Oil landscapes for sale.
 GABBY HORVATH functional, decorative silverwork and hand crafted jewellery.
 ALISON GREEN DESIGNS a range of textiles from handmade T-shirts to elegant Wall Pieces
FRANCES FUSSELL has been a full time artist for 40 years
 CHRIS FUSSELL painting, print-making , sculpture & photography
 LES ELVIN An Award winning aboriginal artist
 ADRIENNE CROUCH has been a full time professional visual artist for over 30 years
DOROTHY COMPTON- More than a pretty picture.
 MEGAN BARRASS Located at Emma’s Cottage Vineyard
 DIANA BAKER Diana works primarily in mixed media in a 
vibrant and expressionistic style.

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  1. Hi, I love Aboriginal Art and I buy my desired artworks from Aboriginal Community Art Centres and some other independent artists as well. But I always make sure that all artworks I buy are accompanied by a certificate of legitimacy.